These are the things that I typically allocate my time towards outside of programming, consuming media, sleeping, and spending time with people.


Although creativity can foster in my technical work, it is such a unique experience to create something artistic of your own. With film having such an influence throughout my life, it's been the craft that I've been wanting to work on the most. Although I haven't done much yet, I have a great appreciation for shows and movies, and on occasion I'll throw together some of my own shots. It is a bit of a pipe dream of mine to one day spend a period of my life working as a writer or director on a movie or series.


I have no better general advice for my past self and the majority of people than to just hit the fundamentals of sleep, exercise, and nutrition. Cooking is not only a fun pasttime you can enjoy with others, but a great skill and powerful tool. I've been recently looking into more anthropological evidence for nutrition and experimenting with paleo/keto. So far so good.


I used to be a gymnast up until high school, and although I don't go quite as hard these days, I do enjoy a mix of weightlifting and calisthenics. Most importantly, I just like to break up my modern-day sedentary lifestyle with a bit of movement in each day. Exercise is one of the greatest forms of stress-relief, and promotes biological enhancements in almost every facet of your body. It helps me reset, it helps me focus, and it helps me live longer and feel better. I genuinely cannot think of a more fundamental way to improve life.